Funeral Charges

Fair Funerals logoWe fully appreciate that funeral costs can be expensive and we offer a full range of services to suit all budgets. We have set our prices to be the fairest available and offer true value for money, our prices are fully transparent and unlike some companies who price match, we feel it is unfair to charge one family one price and another family another, for the same service. We always provide a clear and detailed breakdown of costs at the time of discussing the arrangements, followed by a typed estimate, ensuring that you are always fully informed of all costs and have signed up to the Quaker Society fair funeral pledge.

Funeral Option 1

Traditional Funeral £1475.00

Professional fee to include:

Funeral arrangements and administration

  • Making arrangements either at our office or in the comfort of your own home, guidance and advice on all aspects of the funeral.
  • Attendance of staff throughout, including 24-hour telephone assistance.
  • Liaising with third parties and fulfilling all legal requirements.
  • Provision of Funeral Director on the day of the funeral.
  • Provision of Pew Cards at the funeral.
  • Handling of donations, providing a list of names and addresses of all who made donations (of those who gave their details).

Care of the deceased

  • Bringing the deceased into our care, during working hours (within 25 miles of our office).
  • Looking after the deceased, preparation in a gown provided with the coffin or own clothing.
  • Visits to the chapel of rest during the day, evenings or weekends. (no limit)

Provision of the Hearse, and Staff

  • Provision of the hearse and driver
  • Necessary Bearers (4 or 6 bearers)
  • Providing necessary transport for clergy,
  • Preparation and setup at the venue prior to funeral e.g. Music, service, sheets etc.


Veneered Wood from £350.00
Solid Wood from £850.00
Caskets from £700.00
Willow Coffin from £550.00
Picture Coffin (Catalogue design) £530.00
Cardboard Plain £395.00

Additional Itemised Charges

Wood casket (cremated remains) from £65.00
Scatter tube (cremated remains) £25.00
Conveyance of the deceased out of office hours £140.00
Conveyance over 25 miles £1.00 per mile
Embalming £75.00
Limousine £170.00
Waiting time for limousine per hour £25.00
Preparation of cremated remains grave and attendance of funeral director Weekdays £95.00
Weekends £120.00
Service sheets from £50.00
Weekend Funeral additional charge £250.00
Coffin taken home or into church the day before the funeral £200.00
Wooden Grave marker £40.00
Personalised condolence/Memorial book £47.00
Personalised memorial portraits A3 size £29.00
Horse drawn Hearse from £700.00
Motorbike Hearse from £670.00

Disbursements (Necessary third party fees paid on your behalf)

Celebrant/Vicars Fee from £198.00
Funeral service in church followed by cremation approx £310.00
Funeral service in church and burial in the churchyard approx £620.00
Church fees for Burial of cremated remains £148.00
Doctor’s fee (cremation only) £164.00
Obituary in the East Anglian approx £150.00
Crematorium fees from £660.00
Grave digger fee
Single Depth/re-open £390.00
Double Depth £430.00
Removal of Headstone £120.00

Funeral Option 2

The Simple Funeral £1525.00 +disbursements

(approx. £1050)

We offer a simple dignified funeral for anyone who has a limited budget or for someone looking for a very straight forward funeral. There is strictly no provision for any additional services e.g, Limousine, Pew cards, Service sheets, Donations.

This includes:

  • Funeral arrangements to be made at the office between 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday – Friday
  • Arrangements, guidance and advice on all aspects of the funeral.
  • Conveyance of the deceased from a local address or local hospital in office hours. (If the conveyance is out of hours an extra £120.00 will be charged)
  • Provision of necessary staff throughout
  • Provision of hearse, funeral director and uniformed staff direct to crematorium (Four bearers are provided, however if six bearers are required an additional £70.00 will be charged)
  • Funeral service at the crematorium to take place before 10.00am
  • Provision of a simple foil veneered coffin. (No own Clothes, a closing gown will be provided)
  • Viewing between office hours only (Monday – Friday 9.00am-4.00pm)

Funeral Option 3

Direct Cremation £1650.00 inclusive of disbursements

We offer a direct no service funeral with no-one in attendance. The funeral account must be paid prior to the cremation taking place and includes: Funeral arrangements to be made at our office, during office hours. Guidance and advice on all aspects of the funeral. Conveyance of the deceased into our care, during office hours (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday) and no viewing. Transport to the crematorium in a suitable vehicle, this may not be a hearse. Necessary staff, the coffin will be brought into the crematorium chapel on a trolley. While this represents the simplest type of funeral that we offer, there will be no difference in the high level of care and respect that we will show the deceased throughout.

Help with funeral costs

If you require help with the funeral costs, you may qualify for help from the DWP.

Please visit for further information.